Basketball Services

Small Group Training Sessions

Athletes in our small group training sessions work on situation drills, tactical methodologies, team play along with constant mentoring and elevated applied mechanics from coaches. Ball handling, shooting, defensive and offensive footwork, passing, and rebounding are some of the elements of focus during these sessions. Learning and applying the new drill in game situation will be constantly worked upon. Coaches help players elevate their thinking in accordance with true game scenario. Also coaches focus on building self-confidence and mental strength in individuals helping them elevate their game. Practices are designed to ensure individuals gain maximum benefit on skill works, games and contests while focusing on teamwork and sportsmanship.


Organize basketball clinics at schools to educate the student athletes on how to focus and improve on the fundamentals of basketball, foot work, dribbling, passing and team work.

Personal 1-on-1

Individual training is an effective means through which a player can improve. We will work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide tangible results. We will analyze player’s strengths and weaknesses and build upon their strength while improving on the weakness. This training works on basketball skills to help a player gain that decisive advantage to develop serious skills designed for the serious player. We work closely with the individual athletes on mental skills, to enhance mental toughness, confidence, focus and goal-setting possibilities. Sessions last for one hour and will be conducted at mutually convenient times and locations.